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A community for Americans who have made the move north to Canada. Offer advice, ask questions, or just point out all the nifty social, political, and cultural differences (big and small) that you've noticed. Don't be fooled by the title, all Americans are welcome - even those who don't think of themselves as yanks. :-) Canadians in the US are welcome to weigh in too. If you're new, please introduce yourself! Please keep your posts relevant and civil.

On Immigration Questions:
While we're mostly immigrants ourselves, this isn't the place for immigration questions. It just creates needless overlap with canadabound, a great community that's specifically for potential immigrants (and whose readers may be more up-to-date on immigration rules than people who have already immigrated). Anyone here who wants to field immigration questions is probably over there as well - there's a lot of overlap. As always, check the CIC's website (below) for the latest news and information. Good luck!

Some Websites of interest:
An American's Guide to Canada
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
The Canadabound FAQ
ohhcanada is for Canadians abroad!
Have fun!