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Awesome Vendetta Mask

cartoonmayhem in canadian_yank

Hi. I just joined, Interested in making new friends

 It's been quite a struggle living here without OHIP. I've been waiting for almost 4 years to get my residency. Has anybody else had such a long wait. Does anybody have a cheap alternative for OHIP that won't cost us $1500.00 a month? I'm running into frustration at every turn.

Any ideas?


There is no alternative for OHIP that will be less than that.

I have no idea why your residency has taken four years.

From in Canada, it took my husband 11 months.
Yes, I was curious about why it's taken 4 years to get your Permanent Resident status? I know here in B.C. that BCAA has a health plan that some folks have gotten. Check with the Automobile Association there?
I am in Nova Scotia, my residency took 15 months for me to get due to a few different things (delay on chest x ray as a I was pregnant). I was able to apply for the nova scotia health care once I had actually paid for my paperwork to process my permanent residency. I just provided them with the receipt as proof and they gave me the health care. It might be worth giving them a call if you haven't already!
When I was "living" in Canada before my residency (visiting back and forth for extended months within the guidelines), we found it quite honestly cheaper to take our chances with no health care for me. I only ever needed to go to the dr maybe twice during that time for birth control and I even had gall bladder removal surgery and the total cost for all of that not including prescriptions was just over what it seems you pay monthly for health care plan.

Not sure why it's taken you so long but as an inland spousal it took my application just about 10 months and I applied for my OHIP when I received my approval in principal and was got the card a week after the ink was dry on my landing papers.