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beingloud in canadian_yank

Does anyone know where I could purchase Newports in Toronto? Or some way I could legally have them shipped to me from the States? I can't get used to these Canadian cigarettes..



If you can find Newports in Canada, they'll be about $11 or more per pack.

If you can have them imported, you'll have to pay the taxes as if they were being sold in Canada and they will be the same price.

Change Canadian brands until you find one you like. In a year you'll think that US cigarettes stink and are quite harsh. That's what happened with my husband.
Just give the revolting things up...problem solved!
That's what I was going to say!
oh lord i feel you :( i smoke peter jackson menthols, i've given up on trying to find newports here. you can get kools but they're canadian blend and taste nothing like the real deal.