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5arabeth in canadian_yank


I have a bit of a situation and I don't exactly know where to begin, so I apologize now for the length

My moms family is from Vancouver. I live in Washington state.
I'm eighteen and saving up to move to Vancouver in the spring and go to AIV next fall.

My little 'issues':
I'm eligible for dual citizenship and I want to at least have it filed before moving but I have no idea how to get ahold of the appropriate papers.

I can't get a hold of financial aid papers for next year and I'm confused about how to file!
I know that it takes 6 months to be considered a resident, which is why I'm moving in the spring, but that also means I wont be able to file as a local until my second semester. How big of a difference in tuition am I looking at here?
This is all probably something someone at the school can help me out with but its been bugging me for a long time.

I don't exactly live near the border right now, where can I go to get immigration papers?


Go to the CIC website to get the paperwork you are seeking. You will also need your mother's birth certificate for proof.
As the other poster stated, go to the CIC website. Should tell you all you need to know as to how to establish your Canadian citizenship. I'm sure you can download the forms online or have them mailed to you. As for the school stuff, yeah, you should contact the school or see if their website has info for international students. Good luck!