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justcari in canadian_yank

Name Changes, Citizenship, Etc

I worry I'm overcomplicating things, so bear with me.

I finally got my official name change certificate a few weeks ago and need to get a number of things changed (Heath Card, SIN card, driver's license, passport, etc etc etc). I'm going to send in my (US) passport application/renewal with the new name as soon as I get photos done. As I understand it, the wait time for a US passport is about 4 weeks.

I would also like to get my PR card changed to match the new name. The current wait time for a new PR card is nearly three months - I'll be traveling into the US before that - so I called the CIC help phone, and they told me if the passport/PR card don't match names, I can simply show my name change form at the border and that is ok.

So that got me thinking... I am a few months away from being eligible for Canadian Citizenship, which I plan on applying for as soon as I can. I called the citizenship help line and asked if it was ok if my PR card name didn't match the name I'm applying for citizenship with due to a recent name change... they said that was fine and that there is a place on the citizenship form to indicate name change. I then have to include the name change documentation in the application. Citizenship processing currently takes about 15 months to process.

Bottom line question: Can I just not change my name on my PR card? It seems like all that means is that while I wait for the citizenship stuff, I will always have to travel with my old name PR card + new name passport + name change form. I typically drive and/or fly into the US 2-3 times a year. Has anyone else dealt with this? Does the border hassle you if your passport/PR card doesn't match?

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