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demonica619 in canadian_yank

American debit

I live in america and i visit canada once a month. I have a debit card and wanted to know if it would work at candian stores/atms.


If it is a debit card that has a visa or mastercard logo it will work like a credit card up here. That's how my husband's debit card works.
Same answer as above. Just remember you'll be charged an exchange rate from your bank.
I hate that my debit card from Canada rarely works in USA since our DEBIT is a DEBIT not a CREDIT card... i always jsut use my credit card or cash - - sometimes an atm will take my bank card, sometimes it won't

I always tell my friends coming up to Canada to exchange money before to avoid some hefty bank fees
American debit cards are also debit cards (and aren't credit cards), but the networks are generally unaware of each other.
Using a US debit is kind of a PITA in Canada, and in my experience, it rarely works. Try to keep with cash or credit cards if you can. And as the poster above said, make sure your provider doesn't provide you with a horrible per transaction fee.

Also a note, I have never EVER been able to use my American CC at Canadian Tire, for some reason. It works everywhere else, but not there.

Edited at 2008-05-26 12:25 pm (UTC)
It's because your card issuer doesn't know the proper exchange rate between US dollars, Tim Horton's Donuts, and canadian tire money. :)
You mean Sandy McTire isn't the president of Canada? :)
Just remember you will also be charged a service fee on top of everything. It varies by bank.
If you have a Bank of America ATM card, you can get cash from ScotiaBank ABMs with no service charge. (And vice-versa.)
Useful to know, since I'll be going to Calgary next month and I bank with BoA.
Heh, you just saved me the trouble of digging up this information! I pull this trick whenever I go to England, by using a BoA card to withdraw from Barclay's ATMs with no service charge. Does ScotiaBank have enough auto teller presence in Montreal?
I just did a cursory search and found at least 20 on the island. It looks like they are at a lot of Shell stations, too.
Awesome, thanks so much!! You just made my summer!
Happy to help!

If anyone else wants to look, try http://www.scotiabank.com/branchlocator/
I use my debit card in Canada quite a bit and have never had a problem.

I've recently moved to Massachusetts and I've opened an account with TD Banknorth, which is the US affiliate of Toronto Dominion Bank. Then I can use my card all over Canada without paying ATM fees. I don't know if I'll still get a bad exchange rate, though. I'll have to ask.