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maliciousmandy in canadian_yank

NEWBIE - my story

OK - so I cheat a bit - I am Canadian... BUT... my husband is american.... and he is trying to come to Canada - - - I plan to sponsor him - but we are nervous and lost.... any hints, help will be great.

We have application forms filled out - still need to do photo, medical, crim check, and a few other odds and ends...

ALSO - I have dated (long-term) 3 other americans.... my parents are sick of it and wish i'd have stuck with Canadians LMAO - - but I finally got married... to a yank ;)


You might want to check out the Canada Bound community here on LJ - all folks going through the immigration process, mostly Americans. I completed the process nearly a year ago. Here's what I always tell everyone:
Make photocopies of everything you send, forms and documentation.
Send everything in with signature required,Xpress Post if you can afford it.
Don't staple the stuff together, use paperclips.
Thanks - that's great advice!
Also, the province you're in makes a difference. Some provinces make the process easier than others.
The only time you have to deal with a province is if you want to live or are living in Quebec. Otherwise it's all handled totally on the federal level.
Congrats on starting the sponsorship process..my husband is Canadian and I am American.. and we got married on March 22nd .. and applied for the spousal sponsorship .. the papers were so hard to fill out. I did it all without any help and I am awaiting to here about my work permit and all of that. We applied for the paperwork early April so as soon as I hear about it all I will try to let you know. That way you'll have a better idea as far as waiting time. I'm currently staying in Canada with my husband on an implied status til I hear back from immigration about my permanent residency.

If you have any questions, let me know , I MIGHT be able to help a little bit lol.

Answering your questions about sponsoring your US hubby

I'm the American wife of a Canadian - being sponsored for PR. I created a website that has a lot of information about the spousal PR process, in particular for Americans coming to Canada. You can visit it at www.us2canada.com There's also a link to a very active discussion forum located at www.roadtocanada.com/forums/index.php Check it out when you have time - you'll find a wealth of info there and lots of people willing to help answer your questions.