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margorand in canadian_yank

tax time

Ah, the joys of being a newish permanent resident and trying to figure out my American tax returns. I'm wondering if anyone who's been in a similar situation can help me out: I became a PR in Canada in August of last year and worked in Canada from October-December 2007. Does anyone know if I have to fill out a form 2555 or report my Canadian income in any other way? I'm not sure since, having been here less than a year, I don't meet either the bona fide residence or physical presence tests. Any advice would be great... I'd love to avoid paying H&R Block $200 to do my US taxes for me :(


I can't answer some of your questions because my income is an American pension and I haven't worked in Canada. But you will have to file both U.S. and Canadian income tax. I did my U.S. income tax myself as I've always done my own and all I was doing was filing it at my Canadian address. Canada considers you a resident for tax purposes as soon as you start living in Canada if it's your intention to stay. I had to file my U.S. return and then my spouse and I went to an accountant to do our Canadian taxes as I've never done them before and my spouse had little or no income in the past so hers was simple. I may be able to do ours next year once I see how it's done.