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xxplaydeadxx in canadian_yank


I have got a question to all of you ..

Do you know any slang expessions, vulgarisms or phrases using in Canada (especially Toronto/Ontaria area)? Are they different from American ones? Any examples?

I'll be thankful ^^


That is such a tough one because a lot of Canadian television watching time is American Television. I'm goign to think about that one. (and watch for other people's answers)

I can tell you the reason why Canadians after say "I smell.. burnt toast" after they fall is from these commercials by the Ministry of Canadian Heritage called "Heritage Moments", where they do a small bit of Canadian history. In the one about Dr. Penfield curing a woman's seizures while mapping part of the human brain in open brain surgery, before she has a seizure she smells burnt toast, then Dr. Penfield finds the area of the brain where the smell of burnt toast is generated. Gleefully, when he stimulates that area she says "Dr. Penfield, I smell... burnt toast!"

There are some great places to check out like get the recordings or the "I am Canadian" commercials and parodies (there is one called "I am Torontonian". A lot of Will Ferguson books are great (one my friend always tells me to read is "How to Be Canadian". Like any culture, our expressions tend to come from history.
My sister gave me a copy of that for Christmas several years ago. Iz'a hoot!
ah. it makes me sad that no one has posted a reply since i thought this was a very interesting question.

of course, i have nothing to add but that... just.. yeah.
hah. spoke too soon. my apologies.

Some old slang phrases from Canada

I think maybe calling someone a 'douche bag' is particular to Canada, but I may be wrong. We also used to use some slang that accompanied pointing at our groins and saying 'perch on this' ( for males)or 'talk to the man in the canoe' ( for females). We used to call pants that gave you camel toe 'quim biters'. If I think of anymore, I'll post them.
Canadians are less vulgar.

Use hockey metaphors instead of football metaphors (i.e. "penalty" measured in "minutes", not "yards").