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piratehead in canadian_yank

How can I my attention fix...

Not that I endorse the Conservative Party, but I am kind of pleased that not only was a negative campaign of anti-Americanism unable to secure victory for the Liberals, it in fact may have cost them votes due to a widespread distaste for the politics of fear.   Would that such a distaste prevailed at home.

Though it is possible to argue, as does octogenarian sesquipedelian Gore Vidal, that the US is in a "pre-fascist" condition, I think it's still quite likely that more moderate individuals will come to govern Washington; the tide of xenophobic terror and hatred which the hawks stirred up after 9/11 is already beginning to recede, and I wouldn't like to think that the Canadian people are permanently embittered against us for a trauma-induced bout of poor judgment and hostility.  A little let down, maybe, but no less than I.




Actually, as every month passes, I'm worrying more and more that the U.S. will not return to a more moderate stance. No matter who is in power.

We shall see, but for the moment I'm very glad I'm in Canada.
I'm not sure I agree. The general public is no longer concerned with the most basic ideas of liberty... The government admits to spying on them openly and there are only a few Democrats hidden away somewhere asking for an impeachment. It seems people have been softened to the point where they will accept literally anything: shifting reasons for war, money laundering, anything. Just wait, they haven't even attacked Iran yet!
I think the Conservatives actually do desire to follow the US on many things, and fear tactics or not, some people did try to warn us. The Liberals were not exactly the perfect messengers, I agree, but a lot of their message was valid. I voted for the Bloc because they will share the power with the NDP to hold back these guys until we can get another election.
Harper ended his victory speech with a big "God Bless Canada", so we're already in deep poop.
Fear is a tool of evil; don't resort to it yourself.

: )
Well, I don't know about evil; it is certainly a political tool... A concise political tool. In any case, I think there's a difference between fear tactics ("Harper will put troops in every Canadian city!") and political tactics ("Harper is against a woman's right to choose, for the war in Iraq", etc...) I most certainly don't see any fear in my post, except for the fact that I grew up in the US most of my life under various conservative regimes.
I like most Americans. Hell, I'm marrying one in June. I think a lot of the anti-American sentiment is actually directed at George Bush, but since he "represents" America, it kinda trickles down. A lot of news reports these days (including ones from US networks) say things like "America is mad at Iran", so people extrapolate that to mean ALL of America is mad at Iran, when really its just a few numbnuts in DC.
wasn't that negative add about Americans actually a quote from the New York Times? They still should have said "Pro-Bush" or "Pro-Republican" but I guess they couldn't if they were quoting. Anywho.