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justcari in canadian_yank

Border Crossing

I figure most people in this community have lots of experience crossing the border between the US and Canada, so I thought I'd ask if anyone else had any experience with this.

I'm looking to take some homemade canned goods into the US for gifts... primarily fruit jams. This would primarily be by car, but maybe once by air as well. In researching, I've found this: https://help.cbp.gov/cgi-bin/customs.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=82

"Condiments such as oil, vinegar, mustard, catsup, pickles, syrup, honey, jelly, jam, etc., are generally admissible. "

The "generally" concerns me... what's a case where it wouldn't be? Any reason to believe I'd get my homemade goodies confiscated?

Thanks in advance.


They have to throw that 'generally' in there in case someone tries to bring in rare Snow Leopard nutsack jelly or Marijuana vinegar or something.

Honestly, just say you're bringing in some 'homemade *insert fruit* jam' and I doubt they'll even look twice. As long as they're well canned I can't seem them confiscating your gifts.
That's what I was hoping/thinking - thanks for the reassurance :)
rare Snow Leopard nutsack jelly or Marijuana vinegar

haha it probably means they can take it from you if they feel like it, but it doesn't generally happen? :D
Haha - that's what I'm afraid of! :P

I'd just hate to rely on homemade goodies for xmas gifts and then have it all taken away at the border! Goodness.
At least you'd have a good story and excuse to share around the xmas tree on the special day, then!
On a similar note, make sure you wait until after you cross the border to wrap your gifts. My husband got in shit on Xmas Eve a few years ago because we had wrapped presents in the car.
As long as it doesnt contain citrus you should be fine. When I crossed over the border last, they were asking everyone if they had fruit, and what kind. Than they would specifically ask about any citrus and they took it from anyone who had some.
We're in the midst of a big lemon shortage from poor crop output - that stuff's probably like gold for well-connected border guards! :oP
Good point. I once had an orange taken away from me "because there was liquid inside". argh.
That. Is ridiculous.

Airport security folk have the oddest rules sometimes, and I swear things like that they make up on the spot.
For sure - I figured I'd pack it in my luggage (well cushioned, of course). Carry on rules are just a bit too strict these days to take any chances!