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startoucher in canadian_yank

4th of July

Does anybody know of any 4th of July events going on in Toronto? Or even what bars are likely to have some American expats in them? :)


Gee, you're right! It is completely unreasonable of me to want to celebrate BOTH holidays!
It is a little, yeah.

Grow up.

There used to be HUGE July 1 parties in New Mexico for all the displaced Canadians, and not once did I hear a fellow American give them shit for it.

I for one will be bbqing and sitting in my American flag chair all day Sat. We'll break out the Canadian flag chairs tomorrow.

An adult long before you

Cleveland does expat Canuck parties...

So, I suppose it was unreasonable for me to participate in the US presidential vote from Halifax, too, since I'm living in another country.

Feel sorry for the blokes in the Middle East wanting to celebrate their own independence/country birthdays while they're serving our respective countries with that kind of asanine attitude.
Why? I honestly don't understand your reasoning, since it is certainly possible to be a patriot of both countries at once. My choosing to celebrate both Canada Day and Independence Day (and, incidentally, both Canadian and American Thanksgivings) takes nothing away from either country. Just because I now live in Canada is no reason to renounce my ties, symbolic or otherwise, to the United States.
Uhhh, what??
My spouse and I celebrate both Thanksgivings. I celebrate Canada Day. As for the 4th, I have not really seen it acknowledged at all here. Some years I go down to the states to get my fix. It was my favorite holiday of the year and I really miss celebrating it. This year I'm staying in Canada, but next year going down to the states. Don't let anyone dissaude you from celebrating both holidays. I will be an American citizen till the day I die. But I will also be a Canadian citizen next year.
Congratulations! I get to apply for my Canadian citizenship in August - I'm very excited!

I agree with you about the 4th. I've loved it ever since I was a kid, and I miss it here! Canada Day is fun too, of course, but naturally it doesn't have the same association and memories for me as Independence Day does. Last year the CN Tower was lit up red, white, and blue, which I thought was really cool, but I miss the parades and fireworks. Haven't managed to make it back to the US for the 4th yet, but one of these years I will!
I get to apply for my citizenship in August, too! :)