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gracie5480 in canadian_yank

I have a question..Background Checks from the US?

Hello everyone ... I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me out .

I moved here to Canada from the US in July 2007 .. got married and applied for my permanent residency March 2008. I have since then ( a few months ago) received my work permit and am now working FT and everything is going well.. however.. I need to send the Canadian Immigraion my background checks from the US. I was born in Pottstown,Pennsylvania and then was living in Tampa,Florida before I moved here to Toronto. I can not seem to find any information anywhere as to where I have to write or send my request for my fingerprints and background checks.. I would of course need one from Pa as well as Fl. If anyone has any addresses or phone numbers .. they would be greatly appreciated. My alternate email address is NicholePa5454@aol.com .. Please feel free to email me there with the information or leave a message here for me.

Thanks again so much for your help and for listening !



Commisionaires do fingerprinting at relatively inexpensive prices, also check with the local police or RCMP

The FBI one is simple, print the form, fill it out, there should be two or three fingerprinting cards done, send one. You ~shouldn't~ need fingerprints for state checks. (I only needed my state ID or SSN)