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Inaugural Ball

Ottawa-area Democrats are invited to attend the Democrats Abroad Inaugural Ball!  If you're not in Ottawa, check the Democrats Abroad group in your area.

All members of the Ottawa-Gatineau chapter of Democrats Abroad are enthusiastically invited to gather to celebrate the inauguration of the new U.S. President.  Democrats around the world and in Canada are organizing similar events.  It will be another chance to enjoy together this historic occasion.   We will have live dance music provided by Peter Liu and the Jazz Mutants, a cash bar, TV coverage from DC and lots to celebrate!

Join us Tuesday, January 20th at the Bayou Jazz Bar, at 1077 Bank St./Sunnyside (across from Mayfair Theatre)  (613) 738 1709.  Fun starts at 7:30 PM.   $10/person or $18/couple.

All profits to support our new Ottawa chapter.  Dress up or dress down – wear celebratory smiles and whatever matches.

Also put on your calendar, Wednesday February 18th.  It will be the first strategy session of the Ottawa chapter of Democrats Abroad.   Details to follow.

Please let us know that you will be joining us for this special evening. RSVP to Carolyn at: Carolyn.Farquhar@uottawa.ca

Brought to you by:  Dems Abroad Organizing Team:  Nanci Burns, Rachel Eugster, Carolyn Farquhar, Carl Steiren