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inigo montoya

startoucher in canadian_yank

Passport renewal

So it's time for me to renew my passport, and I'm debating whether to take it down to the Toronto consulate in person or pop it in the mail. Here are my pros and cons of taking it in person:

Possibly faster turnaround (do they do it same-day, or is it still a couple of weeks delay?)
Don't have to worry about my passport being lost by the geniuses at Canada Post

Consulate is very scary and difficult to get into (I've been there three times and have yet to make it through the front door)
Consulate is kind of a pain to get to
Consulate is open very limited and strange hours

Also, where is the best place to get photos taken? Will they do that at the consulate, or do I need to get it done someplace else?

My next question is regarding my PR card. I'm finally changing my name on my passport to my married name, and obviously I need to change my PR card as well. Can I send off the name change for my PR card now, or do I need to wait until I get my passport back so they'll match? justcari, how did that end up working out for you? I'm planning a trip to Africa in April/May, so fast is better than slow!

I'm probably way overthinking this, but it's best to be on the safe side!


Where the HELL do you live that getting to University Avenue (or rather the Simcoe St.entrance) in downtown Toronto is "scary and difficult"?

It's on the subway line. There's got to be sixty thousand buses that travel that area. It's a $15 cab ride from Union Station.

They're open 8:30 am to 12 noon, Monday to Friday. Not convenient, but certainly not strange or irregular.

Suck it up. Really.
Good God, that was rude.
15 bucks?! in terms of driving distance and/or travel time, how far is that from Union station?
You could walk it, but University is in the maze of one way streets, gridlocking drivers and unruly pedestrians. It's about two km or so. It can take 5 minutes by taxi or it can take 35 minutes. Just depends on whether Toronto is being Toronto.

You could walk it in 15 minutes, 20 max. It's pretty much due north of Union Station.

Neat thing to know: The courthouse where gay marriage was ruled unconstitutional is directly across the street from the University Ave entrance of the consulate.
yeah, i'm not that big a fan of crazy toronto (i'm from montreal).

it just seemed crazy, but i would probably pay to avoid getting lost, heh.
I think there's a 6 or 7 dollar charge just for getting in the cab, so it goes up exponentially from there, doesn't it?

I've always found it more difficult to get lost in Toronto than it does for me to get lost in Montreal.

But I love both cities! So! Much!

I live in Vancouver and now that we've actually got a winter it's losing it's appeal.
yeah, we have that, too...only it starts at around $3, i believe.

ahhh i want to move to Vancouver in a few years, actually! sorry to hear you are getting a rare winter : O

the last time I was in toronto, the first 4 people i asked for directions all said, "Sorry, I'm not from here," haha.
Tell me about it. We are on Vancouver Island and I am SICK to death of shoveling snow. This is my third winter of tons of snow and I keep being told how unusual this is. Well, after three winters in a row I think folks here need to start thinking that maybe there has been a climate change here? I'm from Seattle, so it's not like snow is a foreign thing to me and it's certainly been snowing there too, but geez, enough is enough!
I had to get a new US passport with a name chage due to marriage. Had no issues at all mailing it. In fact, I got it back really fast.

The consultate shouldn't have been difficult to get into. Just don't have a cell phone or something on you that they don't allow in. It took me a bit of a wait to get in, but wasn't too difficult. Just be patient and listen to what they tell you and you'll be fine.

But, my choice was to do it via mail and it was pretty speedy. I can't recall for sure, but I THINK I did need the passport back before I could get the PR card. And because of that, an April deadline could be tough to hit. So I'd get cracking and hope for the best.

Don't know if they take photos - I'm betting not. I got my done at Black's.