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okaree in canadian_yank

Let no vote go unrocked

My coworkers are gobsmacked (gobsmacked!) that in the US, one's party affiliation is printed on everything vote related, including your registration card, absentee ballot, absentee ballot mailing label, envelope that holds the completed ballot...

EDIT: Apparently lots of states don't do that. NY, get with the program!

Yesterday was my first Canadian vote, and it's so simple and private! You go behind a cardboard thing, mark an x with a pencil, put your ballot in a cardboard box, and that's it. Easy, fair, unhackable. Scalable for a population the size of America's? I'm not sure.

Anyway, back to the absentee ballot. Although I called my election office in Podunktown, Podunk County, NY twice to make sure they were sending a ballot to the right address, they still messed it up. The preprinted sticker over "Residence from which vote is being cast" is my NY address from five years ago. Man. Who can I complain to (other than LJ, of course)?

I hate to be all tinfoil hat, but when my party affiliation is all over everything, and the elections office in a very politically different county screws my ballot up twice in a row, I do have to wonder... Is anyone else having ballot troubles?


My party affiliation isn't printed anywhere on my voting material... must just be your state/district that does that.
Really? that's so weird! On the Official Ballot, it doesn't say REP or DEM on the label? It says DEM on my voter registration, too.
So far no troubles - I'm registered in Cambridge, MA, and called them last week to verify that they have my Canadian address. They mailed the absentee ballots today, so we'll see if mine actually arrives...
Mine isn't on my voting material either. I've already voted and it's in the mail. Yippee.

What I don't get, and maybe I'll understand it eventually, but I'm not sure why a leader calls an election just because he can win it. That has to cost a whole lot of money.

Nor mine--I'm not registered with either party but I don't think Virginia prints it anywhere if you are.

Virginia handled mine smoothly--just sent it off tonight!
I haven't gotten my absentee ballot yet, I'm getting concerned. I am also from NY. I have never voted by absentee ballot so I don't know how it works. Do you send it on election day or before? If worst comes to worst my parents can get the ballot in person from the county and mail to me from Hemingford, Q.C. which is only 30 minutes away from my hometown. Mailing from the U.S. takes forever.
What county are you registered in? I'm in St. Lawrence, and received mine yesterday. You can call your county board of elections to find out when they sent them. Your ballot only needs to be postmarked by Nov. 3 (I think).
Clinton. I actually found out today that they never received my application or I handed in the wrong one, I don't know, but my parents handed it in for me today because I already signed it. They just mailed it.
My husband got his absentee ballot about two weeks ago.
No party affiliation on his items, and his vote is registered at his last place of residence.

I think that it has to do with determining your eligibility to vote. You have to prove that you can cast your ballot by having lived there.

He last lived in MN, but he really wanted to register in OH where his vote would count for more, but since he hadn't lived at his parents in a long, long time he was ineligible to vote in OH.
I moved from the State of Washington. They used to make you register as either a Democrat or Republican, but quit doing that several years ago. I contacted the county office where I used to reside and a very nice man corresponded with me by e-mail on how to register as a permanent absentee voter. I had to use my last residence address there. Washington had a primary in August and the ballot came to me just fine. I was out of town last week and while I was gone my absentee ballot came. I worked on it yesterday and am getting it in the mail today. Mine has to be postmarked by election day, but I'm getting it in the mail today as it can take up to two weeks for mail to go back and forth. It should tell you on the ballot or accompanying info when it has to be received or postmarked.

I was astounded last week when I went with my spouse while she voted. She got this little ballot and only got to vote for the one thing. I told her our ballots in the U.S. are HUGE. Yesterday when I filled mine out I was voting for President, all the state offices, judges, ballot measures, etc.
It'll be a while before I get to vote here as I can't go for citizenship till 2010.