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startoucher in canadian_yank

Okay, I have been fighting for weeks to figure out how to report my entirely Canadian income to the stupid IRS, and it is to the point where my head explodes when I even think about it. How crucial is it that I do this? Will anybody notice if I just don't file? 'Cause seriously, it's to the point where I'm just about ready to go set things on fire.


Hi there - American living in Toronto here.

I've been living here for about three years now and during the first year I tried really hard to file US taxes. It sounds as if you didn't get any further than I did, and I honestly just gave up. I hear about friends in the States with back filings stretching out for years, so I don't think I'll be in too much trouble.

I reasoned that I'll just figure it out whenever I move back to the States and back-file then. I looked into H&R Block once, but their fees were exorbitant given that filing isn't crucial to meeting my actual (read: payout) tax responsibilities here in Canada. (I think they wanted to charge something well above $200 when I looked into it.)

Good luck in your search - and please share if you do find out!
Hey, I'm in Toronto too. (Well, North York technically.) I went to H&R Block last year, because I had both American and Canadian income in 2006 and didn't want to mess it up, and yeah, they charged me around $300 total. And then they messed it up and it took over a year to get everything straightened out! I did get a refund, though, which was nice. So yeah, I don't want to try them again! I was using the H&R Block website, which is how I always filed before I moved to Canada, and it was just so confusing with all the different methods of earning foreign income.
It's really super easy. You fill out a 1040 like usual, and if you make less than $80,000 you use form 2555 to exempt yourself from having to pay any US taxes. I used TaxACT Online to fill everything out, printed the forms and mailed them in. I even received an Economic Stimulus check for filing my 2007 taxes! That was a nice surprise.
Hey, I didn't get a check. Where's my check? Heck. Did you report any US income or was all your reported income earned in Canada? Mine was all in Canada but I filed the same forms you did... I wonder if the check is in the mail.
I had $200 of US income from a profit sharing check I received from the company I worked at before I moved to Canada, so maybe that's why I got one? I thought it was odd that they would send me a $300 check for $200 worth of US income, but I wasn't about to call and ask! Haha!
Oh, cool! I did file kinda late, so maybe there's hope for me yet.
That's what I tried to do, but the questions were so confusing - tick this box if you meet conditions X, Y, or Z, but we're not going to tell you how you know if you meet these conditions! I was using the H&R Block website - I'll give TaxACT a try and see what happens! Thanks for the tip. :)
I have used TaxAct for years and love it. That's how I filed my U.S. taxes the past two years.
I got the suggestion from you, as a matter of fact! So thanks! :)
You know, I looked into that and we all should be getting one I believe. If you earn less than $300, you only get $300. But if you eared more, you got $600.

I earned some $ through intrested earned on accounts. I haven't received a check yet though. I can't recall if interest is considered 'earned income' though - I believe it is?
It's not hard at all. I just use my dad's tax software he bought for his taxes. I can't recall what it is, but I believe it's similar to what was mentioned below.

And H&R Block is a rip. I'll never go to them for taxes again... They're insanily high priced. And the guy that did our taxes was a blooming idiot. He only did our Canadian taxes and when I asked if US taxes had to be flied (after explaining my PR status in Canada while holding US citizenship) he told me point blank 'no' I didn't need to file in the US. Obviously wrong.