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Border commission

The Ottawa Citizen sent a reporter down to the Ontario/New York border towns with an unmarked map of North America, and asked people to draw the Canada/US border.

"Jessica Ritchie, a 21-year-old sales consultant at (Fashion Bug in Ogdensburg, NY), who is also wrapping up a biology degree" and her manager were asked to give it a try.
"'That's got to be the Great Lakes, you think? Do you think it goes like that?' she asked Ms. Ritchie as she drew an invisible line with her fingers close to the state of Florida. In the end, Ms. Ritchie drew a line over the Gulf of Mexico, closing off the horseshoe between Florida and Mexico."

You cannot be graduating from college and not know Florida from Canada when you LIVE ON THE BORDER. Right? ...right?

Okay, you try!
No cheating, because what fun would that be? Don't forget Alaska!

You can draw directly on it here.



Okay, I drew it... now how do I display it? :)
How about this?
My father, who was born in the Netherlands and moved to Canada in 1950, gave me geography lessons before I went to Kindergarten. I could draw a decent map of Canada by the time Kindergarten started, and knew where the Kamchatka penninsula and Madagascar were! I am now torturing my kids the same way... :)
Good for you, kids need that.

And as for the article...PLEASE tell me it's a joke. Or that the poor lady suffers from some disease where every time she hears "Canada" she actually thinks "Gulf of Mexico".

No one can be THAT stupid.....or CAN they?
It's not a question of stupid, just ignorant. As far as I know, it's quite possible to get through high school and university in either country without learning clearly where the border is, which is sad in my humble opinion.
OK, then ignorant. I can't believe it. You're right, it IS sad. Speaking as someone who grew up in the States, it's mindboggling how many people have strong opinions about different countries, but can't even get close to pointing it out on a map. Iraq could be next to Brazil, for all some of them know.

Sad, sad, sad, sad.
I think it would surely help the masses make decisions if they knew WHERE other countries were relative to them and others.

As a species, can we even think "big" enough to understand the layout of the stars we are close to exploring? I did a 3-D model of the 60 or so stars closest to the sun at the University of Alberta, up in the display hallway to the observatory on top of the physics building. How will people make informed decisions about the government of space without a clue as to where things are?
Hey good job! You even remembered Alaska's tail. :D

Good on you for teaching your daughter geography!
You mean, the Alaska Panhandle? :)
I'm white line! Red line is awfully generous to the US. Remember, borders go through the middle of all great lakes except Michigan. If you don't know which one is Michigan, eat your cyanide now.
I can't see the white line; you may have to click "Save" on that black toolbar at the bottom to save it.

I'm the light blue line.
Now the real test is to draw the borders of all the Canadian provinces and US states. Most Americans would fail both, espeically the US one.
I did the provinces, but the states are pretty tough. :D