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love-heart bunny, hug

writing_minutia in canadian_yank

And needing no introductions- no, we better introduce her

Good day, eh?

Hello, hello, hello! Most people call me Lor. I was Ottawa born-and-raised (I swear I was not one of those teenage brats who made fun of tourists). Now I am going to university in Peterborough (Ontario) but plan to return to the city by September 2007. I found this community when I was looking for communities about cultural differences. I was thinking North America versus Europe, but I have always been interested in the differences between our 2 countries.

I'd love to hear some of the difference people observe- and if I am the first one to catch the post I might even be able to explain some things!

In the meantime I'll stick with Just For Laughs. I loved Neil Patrick Harris's routine on Canadians' love of Ketchup.



great question!

haha.. or the whole mayo thing. fries and mayo specifically.
now that i've moved here, i've found myself asking for a side of the bad stuff myself.

anyhow, it really is a good question, and something that's come up in conversation with my new canadian friends.

i think the thing i notice most drew from just how culturally diverse ottawa is. having grown up in a pretty small town in southern california where the majority of people were hispanic and/or middle class... and of a more slight temperment, it came as a bit of a shocker (and mostly in a good way) when i moved here and was confronted with the question, 'what nationality are you?' right off the bat. i can't even count the number of times people have asked me that just after introducing themselves.
personally, i love it.
not only does it give me a chance to talk about my own diverse background (i'm hispanic/irish for the record), but makes such topics, well, okay to talk about... and not politically incorrect, as they would have been seen 'back home'.

i tend to think, too, that the reason people are so open to discuss the 'touchy' topics with such freedom is that it's not Jesusland. it's a terrible stereotype, and i shouldn't perpetuate the liberal one, too... but to the US's vanilla, Canada is a lovely, creamy brown. a mix of race and religion, just the same... but with the right amount of acceptance thrown in.

ya know?

anyway, babbling... sorry. and excuse me if this makes little sense. going on little sleep.

am interested to read other replies.

Re: great question!

Omigod, the mayo thing! It's actually European in original and I only see it in the bigger cities. Ask for mayo for fries in a small town and people stare at you.

Actually, I think that acceptance thing has largely to do with Ottawa being a big city- now that I've left it for a while. Also, we Ottawans are just pretty cool since we have become jaded with all the stuff that happens in our city, from being the Nation's Capital.

And "Jesusland", I've only had people try to convert me in High School, aside from the Fire of God Temple people on Rideau street (FYI, sometimes I wear a cross like I am warding off vampires, and they leave me alone- sometimes I show it to them if they bug me- and I'm not religious!). Suddenly I was doing telemarketing for an American account and so many times they tried to convert me or save my soul because I had to have been possessed by the devil to do telemarketing (well, I was possessed by credit card bills, which are made by credit companies- same thing). It completely threw me finding out that there really were people like this. I always thought it was a joke on t.v. I guess forcing opinions like that is coially unacceptable in Canada/Ottawa? Or I'm just lucky to have never encountered it?

I'm actually 50% Hungarian (genetically at least), 25% Quebecois (and don't speak a lick of French-I am unpopular at reunions) 25% British Isles mutt, since we're sharing. It's strange because I usually attribute my behaviour more to my class than my ancestry (except my opinions on alcohol) so I'm surprised people ask where you're from. Then again, have you ever noticed that despite it being a large city you often see the same strangers over and over? The strangers must know me!

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm verbose?
Come on, you can't just leave us hanging like that... Give us a link to some video or audio!

You mean the Neil Patrick Harris thing? I saw it years ago on CityTV's Speaker's Corner. I have no idea where you could even look for his routine.

I still think Just for Laughs is a great place to find out about difference between our 2 countries. I don't have cable so I don't know when it's on anymore- just that it's still on the Comedy Network.